Worcestershire, UK

Tel: 07969 732629

Facebook: @lyntantleydeasigns

To order please email or txt/phone Lyn giving the details of the item you wish to purchase. Thank you.

All Gold prices are a guide only , please contact Lyn for an accurate quote

About Lyn Antley

Lyn Antley went to Art School with the intention of becoming a Textile Designer, but after taking a jewellery course knew that she wanted to work with metals.

She uses a combination of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Brass to create jewellery that is inspired by both her travels to far away places, and the fairy stories that she has read to her children.

The tiny birds and creatures that live in the hedgerows near her home in Worcestershire (England) are also a constant source of delight to her. The animal brooches she creates have personalities all of their own, and each have their own titles such as 'naughty fox', 'dancing hare', and 'anteater with his heart in his mouth!'.

Lyn sells her work through Galleries, Museums, Shops and Fairs. her work has gone to far away places like America, South Africa, Australia and Germany.

Her work is witty and imaginative, and sometimes incorporates moving parts. Lyn also likes to incorporate words in her work and some pieces have 'secret' inscriptions and images on the reverse.

Jewellery Designs Copyright Lyn Antley 2001-2006 
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